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The Baer Faxt Art Advisory is a first-of-its-kind membership program that offers direct, on-demand access to an elite roster of world-class art specialists, as well as members-only educational programming and social events. We offer bespoke art market concierge services for two main audiences: new collectors who wish to elevate the focus and sophistication of their collecting, and seasoned collectors who recognize the value of on-demand professional access to experts of this caliber. Receive real-time acquisition advice from an elite consortium of world-class art advisors from three continents whose collective specialization spans Contemporary, Impressionist and Modern, African, Latin American, American, and Chinese art, as well as photography.

“If you could call Tiger Woods about your golf swing, you would. That’s how you should think about your ability to connect with The Baer Faxt Art Advisory Network. No one has better insight into quality, the market, and building long-term collections.”


Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

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The Portal

  • PConnect with our art advisors on the computer or through on-the-go mobile devices.
  • PUpdate your profile so that your chosen professionals can get acquainted with your personal style and tastes.
  • PView our advisors to select and get in touch with an expert perfect for your needs.
  • PContact experts privately through one-on-one message boards, schedule video or phone consultations, and request help during auctions, acquisitions, and negotiations.

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Membership fee for collectors: $3,000 annual with 10% commission on works up to 250K and 5% commission on works over $250k.

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The Newsletter

Considered indispensable within the art world society, The Baer Faxt newsletter is a weekly distribution of insider knowledge.

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Auction Database

25+ years’ worth of auction data in a simple-to-use interface allowing you to locate buyers and underbidders for selected artists.

Art Advisory

ART Advisory

Join the inner circle of art world insiders and connect one-on-one with the art expert of your choice.