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The Baer Faxt Collectors Circle is a new members-only group for collectors who want to level-up their involvement in the global art market.

With the help of The Baer Faxt, the art world’s most trusted source of insider art intelligence for 30 years, Collectors Circle members will gain greater access to art world events through bespoke members-only programs, access to exclusive educational content, and collecting guidance from The Baer Faxt’s global team. Each element of the program is designed to help Collectors Circle members deepen their knowledge of art and the market, sharpen their collecting skills, and forge new connections with fellow collectors and industry experts.

Enroll as an individual ($1,200):


Enroll as a pair of registrants ($2,000):

Enroll as an individual ($1,200):

Enroll as a pair of registrants ($2,000):

Pricing: Annual membership fee is $1,200 per person. For pairs of two registrants applying together, the fee is discounted to $1,000 each. For groups of 3 or more registrants, please email for details.



From the moment membership begins, Collectors Circle members are on-boarded into The Baer Faxt global community and given access to exclusive events, courses, collecting insights, and research tools, including:

  • Educational Content and Research Tools: Each membership includes an annual subscription to The Baer Faxt Newsletter ($400 value), and 4 day passes to The Baer Faxt Auction Database ($300 value).


  • Exclusive Market Intelligence: Members-only access to TBF Collectors Circle Report, Josh Baer’s essential bi-monthly guide to the latest market news and guidance, plus additional collecting insights and tips, Q&As, regular updates of essential gallery and museum shows, auction and fair calendars, and compilations of art fair preview PDFs.


  • Confidential TBF Art Advisory team guidance on art purchases: TBF Advisory receives a 10% commission on any transaction that directly involves its advisors’ services, which includes sourcing artworks, negotiating best prices, and arranging shipping, framing, and installation. TBF Advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients and endeavor to negotiate the best price for their clients at all times.


  • In-Person Events: Private advisor-led walk-throughs of museums, galleries, auction previews, and art fairs, with at least one event each quarter in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


  • Online events: Educational webinars and AMAs with Josh Baer, The Baer Faxt regional leaders, and special guests. Available live and recorded for members only.


  • TBF Master Class: Collectors Circle members will have exclusive access to TBF Master Class, a practical, video-based guide to navigating the commercial art world led by Josh Baer and leading global industry experts. Topics include:


      • Understanding the Art World Ecosystem
      • Accessing Contemporary Art
      • How to start your art collection
      • How to take care of your collection
      • How to build a career in the art world


  • Networking: Meet fellow Collectors Circle members and industry experts at in-person and virtual events. Select members will be featured on The Baer Faxt’s editorial platforms throughout the year.

Membership is open to new and established art collectors, with priority given to current and past subscribers of The Baer Faxt newsletter. The Baer Faxt Collectors Circle is designed as a community of peers, and we encourage individuals, pairs, or groups to apply together.

We understand the art market can be notoriously difficult to navigate, even for experienced participants. Lack of access, experience, and timely information can hinder anyone interested in collecting art or operating within our increasingly fast-paced global art market.  -Josh Baer

Join The Baer Faxt Collectors Circle and start building your connections to the best and brightest minds in the art world today.

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Early registrants will receive immediate access to The Baer Faxt Newsletter ($400 value).

Enroll as an individual ($1,200):


Enroll as a pair of registrants ($2,000):

Enroll as an individual ($1,200):

Enroll as a pair of registrants ($2,000):

The Baer Faxt Collectors Circle was officially announced during The Baer Faxt Talks at The Upper House Hong Kong. This private panel on art advisors and how to navigate the current art market featured Josh Baer, Founder and CEO of The Baer Faxt, Philip Hoffman, Founder and CEO of the Fine Art Group, and Patti Wong, Co-Founder and Partner of Patti Wong & Associates. Watch the full conversation here.